Veterinary Services

Discover a wide array of services at Serenity Animal Hospital: heartworm/flea & tick prevention, surgery, dentistry, digital radiology, ultrasounds, pharmacy, in-house lab, grieving room, boarding, and grooming.

Comprehensive Services for Your Beloved Pets

Experience exceptional care for your furry companions at Serenity Animal Hospital. From preventive measures to advanced treatments, we prioritize your pets’ well-being.

Annual and often bi-annual exams are recommended for all cats and dogs. After your pet’s comprehensive physical exam, the doctors and technicians will talk to you about your pet’s health.

Available and Recommended Dog Vaccinations

  • Dhlpp: A distemper combination vaccination that protects against distemper, hepatitis, four common strains of leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus
  • Bordetella: This vaccination protects against upper respiratory viruses. Required for boarding and grooming, recommended for all dogs
  • Rabies: Protects against the deadly rabies virus. The first vaccination is good for one year, and after that, it is given every three years.
  • Heartworm Testing: Required for all dogs over 6 months of age. This test can be run in-house or combined with wellness testing that goes to our lab. This combined profile includes a urinalysis, CBC, and a 12 chemistry panel at a discounted price.
  • Fecal Testing: Required at least once yearly. This test runs in our lab tests for intestinal parasites that our pets can pick up anywhere.
  • Lyme: This vaccination protects against some of the most common strains of lymes disease. This disease is spread by ticks, which are becoming more common in our area.
  • Canine Influenza: This is a contagious respiratory disease caused by two different strains of virus.  Our vaccine offers immunity to both H3N2 and H3N8 strains.

Available and Recommended Cat Vaccinations

  • RCP: Feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia. This vaccination is given in 1-year and then 3-year increments.
  • Rabies: Protects against the deadly rabies virus and is required by law. This vaccination is given yearly to cats.
  • Feline Leukemia: Testing is required prior to administering the vaccine to kittens. The test should be repeated at one year of age. The vaccine is highly recommended for cats that travel outside or live in a household with an outdoor cat. 2 vaccines are initially three weeks apart, annually after that.
  • Fecal Testing: Required at least once yearly. This test runs in our lab tests for intestinal parasites that our pets can pick up anywhere.


Veterinary Services

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Heartworm/Flea & Tick Preventative

We have a variety of heartworm and flea preventatives in stock to fit the needs of your pet. A doctor or technician will talk to you and together we can figure out what best fits the needs of your pet.
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Pet Surgery & Anesthesia

Serenity Animal Hospital offers expert spays, neuters, and surgeries with vigilant anesthesia monitoring. Our dedicated staff, trained in cutting-edge techniques, ensures your pet’s well-being through advanced care and pain control therapies.

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Pet Dentistry

Discover the importance of dental health at Serenity Animal Hospital. With digital dental radiology and expert care, we combat periodontal disease, the most common issue among dogs and cats over 3 years old.

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Digital Radiology

Embrace advanced radiology at our facility equipped with state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology. From standard chest and abdominal films to specialized barium and contrast studies, as well as orthopedic x-rays, we ensure accurate and detailed imaging for your pet’s health.

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Pet Ultrasounds

Explore cutting-edge diagnostics at Serenity Animal Hospital. Our advanced ultrasound techniques and expert LVT assistance provide comprehensive imaging, aiding precise diagnoses and potentially avoiding surgical intervention for your pet’s well-being.

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At Serenity Animal Hospital, we prioritize your pet’s well-being by offering a wide range of leading medications. Trust our expertise in providing accurate prescriptions, and avoid potential risks by obtaining medications from licensed, reputable sources.

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In-house Laboratory

Discover peace of mind through our state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory. From complete blood count to ELISA snap testing, we efficiently screen your pet for various diseases and medical conditions, ensuring their health and well-being.

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Grieving Room

Find solace in our “Grieving Room” – a compassionate haven for euthanasia decisions and grief counseling. Owners can be present, ensuring a stress-free farewell for pets. Choose from multiple urns to cherish their remains.

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Boarding and Grooming

Experience peace of mind at Serenity Pet Resort! Our caring boarding and grooming services offer a safe haven for your furry family members. With an adjoining animal hospital, we ensure their well-being while you’re away.