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Unlock Valuable Pet Care Resources at Serenity Animal Hospital – Your Pet’s Well-Being Matters!

Empowering Responsible Pet Owners

Explore a Wealth of Valuable Pet Care Resources at Serenity Animal Hospital – Empower Yourself as a Responsible and Caring Pet Owner! At Serenity Animal Hospital, we believe in empowering responsible pet owners with a wealth of valuable resources. Our comprehensive resources page offers essential information on new client requirements, boarding and grooming forms, referral clinics, wildlife resources, pet health, diet, training tips, and support for loss and grief. Curated with care, these reliable links will assist you in providing the best care for your beloved pets. Explore and stay informed as we journey together to create a healthier and happier life for your furry companions.

New Client Information

Welcome to Serenity Animal Hospital! Please fill out this form before your first visit. Having this filled out ahead of time will make your check-in process easier. Please remember to bring any paperwork you have on your pet and a stool sample. We may not need the stool sample, but it’s always better to bring one.

New Client Form

Boarding form

Please fill out this form if your pet will be boarding with us

Dog Boarding Admit Form

Cat Boarding Admit Form

Grooming Admit form

For Grooming appointments, please fill out this Grooming Admit form

Grooming Admit Form

Referral Clinics

If we need to refer your pet to a specialist, here is the information for the various Doctors we might send you to.

Veterinary Cardiology Consultants

Veterinary Vision of Rochester

Animal Emergency Center

Advanced Animal Emergency 

Wildlife Resources

Pets and Parasites

Help! My pet ate something!

General Pet Information/Surgery information