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Elevating Pet Pharmacy to New Heights in Sterling Heights, MI

We strive to keep a variety of all leading medications within our hospital so that we can best treat your pet’s medical conditions. If we do not have a medication in stock we are usually able to special order it & have it in the hospital within a week.

Please be advised that written prescriptions will be provided for any medication that you choose not to obtain from Serenity Animal Hospital. While these can be used at any pharmacy of your choice, extreme caution should be used- specifically with online pharmacies.

It is always best to obtain your pet’s medications from licensed, reputable providers who can guarantee product accuracy, as well as storage specifications prior to purchase or shipment.

The Benefits for Your Furry Companions

  • Comprehensive Medication Range: At Serenity Animal Hospital, we maintain a diverse selection of leading medications. This ensures that we are well-equipped to address your pet’s medical conditions effectively, providing the best possible care tailored to their specific needs.
  • Special Orders: If, by any chance, a particular medication is not currently in stock, we go the extra mile to fulfill your pet’s requirements. Through our ordering process, we promptly procure the necessary medication and have it available at our hospital within a week.
  • Convenience & Flexibility: For your convenience and freedom of choice, we offer written prescriptions for any medication you prefer not to obtain from Serenity Animal Hospital. This allows you to obtain your pet’s medications from a pharmacy of your choice while still receiving expert guidance from our veterinary team.
  • Freedom of Choice: We understand that pet parents have individual preferences and needs. By providing written prescriptions, you have the flexibility to select a pharmacy that suits your convenience while ensuring your pet’s health is well taken care of.
  • Caution with Online Pharmacies: While online pharmacies may seem convenient, there are potential risks involved. We urge pet parents to exercise extreme caution when dealing with online pharmacies. Counterfeit medications, improper storage, and unreliable sourcing could jeopardize your pet’s health.
  • Trustworthy Providers: The well-being of your beloved companion is of utmost importance to us. To guarantee the accuracy and safety of medications, we recommend obtaining them from licensed and reputable providers who adhere to high standards of quality and care.
  • Guaranteed Accuracy: Our commitment to your pet’s health includes ensuring precise product quality and dosage. With our expertise and reliable sourcing, you can have confidence that the medications your pet receives are accurate and appropriate for their condition.
  • Expert Storage: Medications are sensitive to storage conditions. At Serenity Animal Hospital, we take care to store medications correctly to maintain their efficacy. Proper storage ensures the medications retain potency, providing the best possible results for your pet’s health.
  • Personalized Treatment: Each pet is unique, and we understand the importance of tailored treatments. Our pharmacy services allow us to customize medications, considering your pet’s specific needs, sensitivities, and health history, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their recovery.
  • Commitment to Wellbeing: Above all, our focus on exceptional medication services stems from our dedication to your pet’s well-being. We prioritize their health, comfort, and happiness, striving to be your trusted partner in providing the highest standard of care for your furry companions.